Best WordPress themes for blogs

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Five best WordPress themes for blogs with more ad space and Seo friendly interface which will help to grow your Blog or website fast. These themes are very attractive and unique.

The easiest way to earn money online is blogging. anybody with basic computer knowledge can make a website or a blog  and earn money. But there are two big problems which you will have to face is :

No. 1 which web hosting service you should buy?

No. 2 is which WordPress theme you should use?

For no.1 we have already written complete article you can read it clear all your doubts about which web hosting service you should buy.

         You will get to know about the best web hosting services with free SSL certificate and free domain name at the cheapest price. So now problem no. 1 is clear if you have read that post.

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Now problem no. 2 is to which WordPress theme you should use which will make your website attractive and help your website to grow fast. So there are two types of WordPress themes.

No. 1 free themes

No. 2 paid themes or premium themes.

Free Themes

so first let’s know about free themes. In free theme you will get a very low ad space. Now what is ad space? Ad space is that space where you put Google ads the more space you will get the more ads you can place and the more money you will earn.

But with the free themes you will get very little ad space so you so you can’t add more ads on your website or blog. Another problem with free theme is you will not get all the features which you will get in premium theme.

 Your website will look like as a simple website no audience will attract on your website.

Premium Themes

in premium themes you will have to pay little amount of money only for one time. You will get awesome themes for your website or blog.

Premium themes comes with lots of features and lots of ad space and also this theme is SEO friendly which means these themes will help you to grow fast.

  Premium themes will make your blog or website look very attractive, eye catching and unique. When viewers see your blog they will get attracted. Now there are lots and lots of types off premium themes available in the market. So now I am going to give you top 5 cheapest and the best premium WordPress themes for blogs.

These premium themes are most attractive with most ad space, very Seo friendly it will help you to grow your website or blog fast and they are cheap too. So there are 5 themes given below you can click on them and see how your website is going to look.

  Each premium themes comes with approx. 10 site library you can select which type of website or blog you want to make

No. 5 – Lets Blog WordPress

This WordPress theme is very responsive and comes with high resolution quality. It supports all browsers and has 5 stars rating worldwide.

 It is one of the best themes for blogs. This theme comes with 10 types of site library and demos you can select which type of website you want to make.

No. 4 – Grand Blog WordPress

This WordPress theme is very popular and one of the best themes for blogs. It has over 12 million happy customers. It is a Seo friendly theme with 5 stars rating worldwide it will help your blog to grow fast. It comes with 20 site library and layouts you can chose how your website will look.

No. 3 – Throne

Throne is a responsive WordPress theme for personal blogs, magazines or marketing websites with a professional design.

It is a highly customizable to match your personal taste, and can easily be converted into a multi-purpose theme to suit a wide range of needs. This theme is one of the most attractive themes with 5 stars ratings worldwide.

No. 2 – Suga

Suga is an indispensable WordPress blog and template with a clean, modern design suitable for blog or website.

 Check out all the demos to pick out the one that suits you best or build one by yourself. This is what Suga is all about. It is a Seo friendly theme so it will give your website or blog a boost.

No. 1 – Hooray — Blog theme for Professionals

This WordPress Blog theme which will impress your blog’s visitors and attract more audience to your website. Hooray theme is a stylish, clean, modern, and sleek WordPress blogging solution. It has a great combination of new features like the possibility of creating custom categories for your blog. It comes with different icons and backgrounds, Unlimited Color Options for your blog.

It has a variety of post layout options, Sidebar and Footer Widgets, MEGA-MENU Support, Off-Canvas Mobile Navigation, Set Icons for Menu Items, Multiple Masonry Blog & Portfolio Layouts, Smart Sticky Navigation, and optimized for high performance and SEO best results beside other features which will make you happy with this theme.

So now you know the best WordPress themes for blogs. Now you know which themes are best for you free themes or premium themes. Just click on image or link to see the preview.

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