5 Things to know when building a website

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5 things to know when building a website so that you can save your time and money up to 94 $- 134 $ (7000 – 10000 rupees). and you can make your website Professional Powerful and earn massive earning.

If you search on YouTube or Google about how to make a website than they will just tell you buy a domain and buy a web hosting service and make your website it is that simple. But it is not that simple it will become a mess.

So if want to make a professional powerful and massive earning website then there are 5 things to consider when building a website. So these are the 5 things to know when building a website

No 1 – Domain / Niche/ Topic

Now what kind of domain you should buy and what is the price of a .com domain? Usually price of a .com domain is approx 10- 12 $

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but you just can’t buy any domain. suppose that your name is Abhishek than you just can’t say I am abhishek kunal and let’s make a website on this name. No you have to find a searchable niche for your website now what is a niche

What is a searchable niche ?

Niche in easy language we called topic so now what is a searchable niche or a searchable topic. Searchable niche or searchable topic is a topic which is always searched by everyone.

For example you make a website on cricket then cricket is your niche and you make a post or article on IPL. Knight riders verses Mumbai Indian then this post will be searchable for Limited period of time till the match is on or the IPL is on.

.But after the IPL is finished then nobody is going to search for this topic in future so this is not a searchable topic or a searchable niche. but if you are making website on health and fitness and you are writing an article on post on what not to eat in diabetes or how to cure diabetes.

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 then this topic will be always searched by lots of people who are suffering from diabetic disease. Now in past everyone who had diabetes searched this topic and in present who has diabetes will search this topic and in future who will have diabetes will search this topic so this topic or this niche is a searchable niche.

So now which niche is best for you and which topic you can choose for your website? You should choose those searchable niches in which you are interested. So that you will not get bored writing articles for your website.

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No 2Web Hosting Service

Best web hosting for WordPress
best web hosting for wordpress

 Now what is web hosting service and what is the price of web hosting service. So web hosting service is an online space where your website is stored and the annual price of a web hosting service starts from approx $50 to $200 in rupees you can say 5000 rupees to 15000 rupees.

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. Now the question is which web hosting service to choose. there are lots and lots of types of web hosting service for example Godaddy, bluehost, hostgator and bigrock etc. Now the problem is you don’t know about the quality, the features and about the price of all the web hosting services.

So people get confused in buying the best web hosting service for their website. So  we have written and awesome article on this topic in which everything is cleared and everything is shown in details. you will get awesome web hosting service with free ssl certificate and free domain at the cheapest price.


Best web hosting for WordPress
best web hosting for wordpress

No. 3 – Themes

WordPress Themes
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now what is theme? theme is the layout of a website. if you open any website then you can see the layout and the design is called themes.. themes makes your website look attractive and professional. Now you have got a free domain offer free SSL certificate and a very high quality good performance what web hosting services at very cheap price.

Now this is the place where you have to and you should spend a very little to make your website look attractive and professional so you can grow fast. so there are two types of themes..

No. 1 Free Themes

No.2 Paid themes/premium themes

Free Themes

so first let’s know about free themes. In free theme you will get a very low ad space. Now what is ad space? Ad space is that space where you put Google ads the more space you will get the more ads you can place and the more money you will earn.

But with the free themes you will get very little ad space so you so you can’t add more ads on your website or blog. Another problem with free theme is you will not get all the features which you will get in premium theme.

 Your website will look like as a simple website no audience will attract on your website.

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Paid Themes/Premium Themes

in premium themes you will have to pay little amount of money only for one time. You will get awesome themes for your website or blog.

Premium themes comes with lots of features and lots of ad space and also this theme is SEO friendly which means these themes will help you to grow fast.

  Premium themes will make your blog or website look very attractive, eye catching and unique. When viewers see your blog they will get attracted. Now there are lots and lots of types off premium themes available in the market. So now I am going to give you top 5 cheapest and the best premium WordPress themes for blogs.

These premium themes are most attractive with most ad space, very Seo friendly it will help you to grow your website or blog fast and they are cheap too. So there are 5 themes given below you can click on them and see how your website is going to look.

  Each premium themes comes with approx. 10 site library you can select which type of website or blog you want to make

No. 4 – SEO Plugin

Search Engine Optimization

so now you have made a website and now its time to post articles on it. to rank your website you will have to write a search engine optimized article with focus keywords, tags and meta description. some people know about it but lots of people don’t know how to write a complete article.

for them there is a plugin called SEO Plugin. there are lots of types of SEO plugins available on WordPress but the best one is Rank Math. this plugin will tell you every thing what to do and what is wrong in your article. even i am using the same plugin.

No. 5 – Sitemap

now what is the place where you can tell google that i have made a website . for example you have made a website and written your articles and posts. but how would google know that you have made a website and you have written articles and posts. to tell google you have to submit sitemap in google search console.

first write approx 10 posts then submit sitemap to google search console. after you submit your sitemap your articles and posts can ran on google.

so these were the website requirements checklist. so these were the 5 things to know when building a website. so all the links required are given in this article. i faced these problems when i made my first website so i don want you to face these problems. these are the 5 things to know when building a website.

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